As a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA), A-1000 Power amplifier mainly used in the radio signal covering system of middle and small area, amplify the weaken radio signal by long distance delivery from base station(repeater) by the Down Link power amplifier(one of the two amplifiers built-in, the other is UP Link power amplier ) , connect to indoor area which need signal coverage, by power divider or coupler through RF cables, radiate the signal of base station(repeater) to and also receive the signal from the radio terminals(portable radios) by antenna. Amplify the weak signal from the radio terminals by the UP Link power amplier, then transfer through the RF cables to the base station(Repeater).  This process can compensate the signal lose by long distance transfer through RF cable, and effectively cover the communication blind spots indoor, against the interference, ensure the stable, reliable, high-quality signal coverage indoor.


      A-1000 components:

l  Power supplier

l  DOWN Link power amplifier

l  UP Link power amplifier

l  Duplexer(connect to base station)

l  Duplexer(connect to antenna)

  Products Highlights

l  Easy installation

l  Full-duplex working,  interference avoid

l  wide range of gain and continuously adjustable without self-excitation

l  Power amilifier with high linearity , Duplexer with top performance, effectively avoid the intermodulated and spurious signal

l  Built-in temprature control and current limiting auto-control device

l  Built-in power supplier with protection system

l  With proof for water, humide, dust and salt mist.

Typical application

The solution contained A-1000 power amplifier, power divider, coupler, RF cable and antenna, widely used to resolve the indoor  radio signal coverage problem in large and middle scale building. A-1000 can compensate the signal power lose during the transfer,  avoid any signal blind area.

  Tall building indoor coverage

      Muitiple tall buildings indoor coverage